If you are a beer lover and you want to celebrate the International Beer Day, you should keep in mind these main purposes:
  • Buy a beer with your friends and say "I bring you the gift of beer" the traditional worlds that you must say when you give a beer 

  • You shall explore new flavors and try a new beer 

  • Be thankful with the brewer and the bartender 


Interesting facts about beer 

The beer, made by the fermentation of barley and it´s flavored with hops, the flower of the hop gives the bitter taste and used as a preservative agent. The yellowish color will vary according to the type of malts that´s used during the brewery. Humans have been drinking beer, as we know it since the late Middle Age, spanning the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. 

The US is located in ranking 21 with 74 liters and Mexico in ranking 30 with 64 liters per person. 

  If you are in the Mexican Caribbean and you want to celebrate the International Beer Day in Playa del Carmen, this August 2 take advantage of our Mexican Cantina´s at The Fives Hotels where we proudly serve Artisanal Beers:  

  • El Tigre at The Fives Downtown, try Pescadores Beer, made by a local brewery from Tulum; we have all styles: Ale, La Guerra, Ambar, IPA. Learn more about Pescadores Beer 

  • 1910 at the Fives Beach, enjoy Allende Beer, made in Guanajuato a state located in the center of Mexico, we serve IPA and India Pale Ale styles. Learn more about Allende Beer