Xplor Bravest Race is now a tradition within the local community, and it is getting very popular with the international community.  It is a full-day experience where you challenge yourself to complete a race through a natural environment, an adventure that will re-charge your life.

About 3,500 persons, divided into 14 small groups will live pure adrenaline with an odyssey of 6.5 kilometers, though the Mexican Tropical jungle, refreshing underground rivers, limestone caverns, revitalizing cenotes and stonewalls with more than 40 obstacles that could be natural or created. If you have ever visited the Xplor Park, your perception will totally change, as you will be able get in places that you have not seen before, create fellowship with other competitors, being brave and overcome your fears taking the opportunity to improve yourself every moment. 

 The main goals of the race is to share the human spirit of adventure, where you keep going once you reach the point of exhaustion because everyone looks out for each other, positive motivation and inspiration is  surrounded by nature in an extraordinary experience. 

 Before the race: 

  • Eat healthy 

  • Train strategically 

  • Sleep well 

To complete the experience you will need: 

  • Strength 

  • Resistance 

  • Adaptation skills 

  • Keep focus 

 All the activities have the highest security standards; therefore, you should only worry about completing every task with lots of fun. The race has four stages, where you can get Evolution Gems to become a Bravest X. Once you complete the journey, you will be looking forward to subscribing for the next one. 

 A quick view of the Xplor Bravest Race Evolution

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