Once in a lifetime you experience the excitement of getting married. It is a feeling very hard to explain because thousands of emotions explode on the same day, sensations such as: fear, emotion, anxiety, joy, happiness, nerves, sadness, nostalgia, love, desire, gratitude, hope, pride, inspiration, amazement… everything comes together on the same day, it's crazy but  it's a good sensation!

Reasons to make a Destination Wedding at Playa del Carmen: 


  • Every detail will be prearranged by the time you arrive at your  destination wedding you will fully enjoy the time with your family and friends 

  • Longer celebration, as it will be a mini-vacation 

  • Amazing Pictures with unique locations 

  • Your guests will have plenty of possibilities with a full and enriching itinerary 

  • Gastronomy full of flavors 

  • Your friends and family who really care will be at your destination wedding 

  • Personalized ceremony, according to your beliefs: Legal, Religious, Mayan Ceremony, Candle Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, and so many others. 


The most important is the lifelong commitment that you will do, having as witnesses your beloved friends and families in one of the most idyllic places in the world.  Your destination wedding at Playa del Carmen will be much better than you imagine! Trust the experts. 


The Fives Hotels & Residences have reliable and experienced planners, exquisite hors d'oeuvres, tasty cuisine, classic cocktails, captivating floral designs, the best hits, and awesome locations; we will go beyond your expectations. Learn more about our Destination Weddings at The Fives Hotels & Residences.