UNESCO designates the Mexican Cuisine as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010; we could spend our entire life talking about the endless variety of the Mexican dishes where most of them represent ancestral community customs, made with age-old skills, ritual practices and colorful key ingredients that give each dish a unique identity.  It would not be fair to talk about our favorite dish, but we will talk about one of the most representative dishes of Mexican food, the most popular and versatile… the tacos!

What are the Mexican Tacos made of? 

You can add any ingredient, the variety is infinite, we could start from basic salt, though different ingredients such as fish, shrimps, lobster, rays, crickets, ants, ant´s egg, pork, goat, chicken, egg, sheep, goat, rabbit, deer and iguana.  Alternatively, any animal parts: eye, brains, cheek, tongue, ribs, skin, guts, heart and marrow. In addition, of course, the vegetarians: avocado, cheese, poblano pepper, rice, beans, spinach, potatoes, mushrooms, cactus, as we said… options are endless. 

  Obviously, Mexico is the holder of the Guinness record of the biggest taco in the world, made in 2015 in Guadalajara with 36,000 kilos of corn dough, to make 44,000 tacos filled with "cochinita pibil" (pork); a line of 9,047 ft. (2,757 m.) and 300 sauce liters. 

  Eating a taco is truly an art, follow these steps, practice often and you will feel like a Mexican: 

1) Hold the tortilla with the thumb, index and greater finger by the edges, keep the ring and little finger up 

  2) Lift it gently by joining the fingerprints 

3) Tilt your head a 45 degree angle 

4) Lean your taco a little bit forward in your mouth 

5) Give a small and fast bite to your taco 

  Additional tips to eat tacos: 

  • Do not fill it too much; it will be harder to eat 

  • When you are not eating, keeping it in a horizontal position 

  • Don't squeeze it, just hold it softy, or you will break it 

  • Explore new flavors, adding any ingredient that is on the table (lemon, salt, sauce, coriander, onion, pineapple, cactus, beans, cucumber, avocado, tomato…) 

  • Never ever close the eyes or use two hands when you eat a Mexican taco 

Are you ready and hungry now? 

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