29 Oct 2019
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Mexican Traditions

Mexican traditions are very rich and a real pride for all of us.  Mexico's Day of the Dead is a deep legacy of the pre-Columbian era.  On November 7, 2003, Unesco distinguished this indigenous holiday as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The Day of the Dead, is a very important celebration where we remember with affection the people who are physically no longer with us, and on this special day they come to visit us and we welcome them with colorful altars. The celebration begins when the candles are lit on the altar, and the names of the deceased are whispered; family and friends are invited to join us, we all sit at the table and talk about our deceased, sharing their favorite food, drink and music, at the end of the meal, we blow out the candles, we say goodbye to their spirits and we wish them a good journey back to the afterlife.


The altar is one of the most important pieces in this traditional festival,  with it we remember and welcome the souls of the deceased families and friends  who will visit us. 


Traditionally the altar must have several levels that could be:

- Two levels, representing heaven and earth.

- Three levels, representing heaven, earth and purgatory

- Seven levels, representing the way to reach eternal rest.


The altar has fundamental elements, such as:

• Photo of the deceased to honor his memory

• Water: symbolizes purity and is also to quench the thirst of the soul

• Fire: With candles we symbolize the light placed on the path between this world and the other

• Earth: With seeds and fruits

• Aroma: symbolize the purification of the soul and serves to guide and attract the deceased, by tradition we use "copal".

• Arch and flowers path: the flowers guides the spirits and the arch represents the entrance to the underworld

• Salt: helps the body not to get corrupted in its transfer

• Dog: traditionally a sculpture of a bronze color Xoloitzcuintle is placed, this will help to cross the souls

• Food and drink: the deceased's favorite dishes are prepared and drinks served

• Skulls: serves to remind us that death is always among us

• Bread: The traditional dead bread, which represents fraternity

• Chopped Paper: Represents the Joy of the Day of the Dead´s


All this serves to create an altar on the dead´s day to remember and honor our deceased saints, a beautiful tradition that we must preserve as it allows us to reflect on our loved ones who have left.


At The Fives Hotels we want to keep our traditions alive, so on November 2nd we celebrate a traditional kermese:


- At The Fives Downtown at Fives Rooftop  there will be Catrinas parade and Mexican food, everyone is invited. 

- At The Fives Beach, guests can enjoy live music and Mexican food at The Fives Plaza