There are many stories surrounding the mystique of wine. First of all, it is difficult to determine its origin, since several civilizations claim to have invented it. What is certain is that wine has been present in most cultures and has been associated with great celebrations and historical events throughout the years, recognized for its exquisite flavor, aroma and the variety of grapes it offers.

The history of wine in Mexico dates back to the time of the Conquest, when the Spanish colonizers began to expand the cultivation of wine from the center to different regions of the country.

Without a doubt, wine is an emblematic and extremely important beverage. For this reason, The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences has created the most outstanding wine festival in the Mexican Caribbean, known as the Wine Fest. During this event, participants will have the opportunity to taste wines from different regions of the world, enjoy exquisite food and immerse themselves in an impressive atmosphere.

This event, already consolidated as the most important and popular wine event in the Riviera Maya, has celebrated 9 consecutive successful editions. In these editions, participants have had the opportunity to taste different national and international labels from renowned producers. All of this is accompanied by a variety of food stations, such as cheese and charcuterie tables, exclusive cuts of meat, a variety of seafood presentations and an extensive dessert table.

In addition, during the event, attendees can enjoy live jazz music, creating an atmosphere full of laughter, dancing and fun. There is also a DJ and an international music group, which are complemented by special shows that are presented throughout the evening, further enriching the experience.

During the festival, we had the opportunity to capture unforgettable moments thanks to the attractive spaces specially decorated for taking pictures and videos.

The event ended with a special light and fireworks show that left everyone in awe. Without a doubt, the Wine Festival will be a very special night to remember.