Eager to take your taste buds on a culinary adventure? Throughout Cancun and the Riviera Maya, first-class restaurants and quaint eateries specialize in authentic local cuisine, with recipes handed down through generations. If you're searching for options beyond the tablecloths, fancy dishware, and elegant surroundings, you can eat like a local and experience a bit more of Cancun and Riviera Maya culture. Here are some dishes you must try on your next holiday in Mexico.


Make a trip to Guadalajara in the Mexican state of Jalisco and you'll find that Birria reigns supreme. This savory meat stew is marinated in a spicy chili-based broth and is often served during weddings, usually accompanied by bread or plated up in taco-form. 


One of Mexico's most treasured recipes, this saucy goodness is usually served atop some sort of poultry or as a base for enchiladas. Perfect for celebrations, this dish comes in a range of colors, with some heirloom recipes calling for upwards of 32 ingredients. 


This Oaxacan dish is one of the main reasons for the region's booming tourism industry. Making for a quick and spicy snack, the Tlayuda is made up of a small, crunchy tortilla with a schmear of refried beans, lard, pork-like chorizo, beef or shredded chicken, and a smidge of salsa. 


Similar to deep-fried breaded meat, these sandwiches are made with a sesame seed-covered, brioche-like bread roll that's filled with fried cutlets of meat and then stacked with shredded queso, avocado, chipotle, and the fragrant Mexican herb pápalo. A dish that leaves you fulfilled. 

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